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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Look of the Day: Retro/50s/Old Hollywood/Red Lip look

Entire Look

Close Up of the eye makeup

-Garnier Refreshing Gel Creme
-Covergirl AquaSmoothers Tinted Moisturizer in 805 fair to light (all over under foundation)
-Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation in Porcelain Ivory
-Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Concealer in Light (under eyes and on lids)
-Maybelline FitMe concealer in 10 (on blemishes)
-Maybelline FitMe powder in 120
-NYC Sunny Bronzer (contouring)

-All eyeshadows from E.L.F. 32 Neutral Palette (I've used quite a few, if you'd like a tutorial you need only ask.)
-Black eyeshadow from palette used as liner
-Essence white eyeliner in waterline
-Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Medium Ash
-L'Oreal Carbon Black mascara

-Mary Kay lip pencil in Poppy

-Avec l'amour de Layla

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Trend Report Summary!

Hi guys, I've seen loads of long, detailed trend reports, but honestly... I just want to know the trends and go shopping asap for the ones I liked. So this is exactly that, a list of Spring 2012 trends. I may do a more detailed post with pictures if requested, but this is just a list.

Bold Florals
Colored Blazers
Bra tops

-Avec l'amour de Layla

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gems in Coal: A nail tutorial/look

This is the nail look I wore about a week ago. I figured I would do a blog post on it because I got so many compliments on it.

Basecoat: Beauty Secrets Professional Base Coat
Black: Love & Beauty by Forever 21 in "Black"
Silver Glitter: Essie Luxe Effects in "Set in Stones"
Top Coat: Essie "Good to Go" Quick Dry Top Coat

I know it doesn't scream "spring!" but I think that's what I like most about it. It seemed like I was wearing black in a sea of girls wearing pastels on their nails.

-Avec l'amour de Layla

Saturday, March 24, 2012

MAC Haul

Recently I went into MAC and I saw that they had come out with new sheen supreme lipsticks. Personally, I have been a huge fan of these since they came out last spring. They're everything I want in a lipstick. They're shiny, smooth, pigmented, moisturizing, and they have a fairly good wear time of about 4 hours. When I found out they released new colors, I was so excited! I went in and found 5 colors on the display that I loved immediately. However, when I tried them on, I ended up loving 2, and liking 1. I walked out with the two I loved and left a beautiful lavender color, Asian Flower, in the store because it didn't flatter me as well. Pictures of the two I bought below. (:

 I have a feeling I will be wearing these often because they will brighten up any look. Hope you enjoyed. (:

-Avec l'amour de Layla

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where Was I?!?!

Hi guys! It's been forever! As in, before my last post it had been since June 2011. Whooooo... I do more procrastinating than Natalie Tran... don't worry Natalie, still love you. (thumb that if you got that) But I've been a busy woman! I had to plan my super exciting two week trip this summer to France and Spain. EEEK! (: SO EXCITED. Plus, I had school. Not near as exciting... Now probably my biggest accomplishment was that I was on my school swim team! For any of you swimmers, I do backstroke and freestyle sprints. Oh yeah... need for speed. ;) I'll post some goofy pictures from swim below. I'm so sad swim is over for this year. Anyways, I'll be posting more often. Love you guys!

Bus Ride. Even 8 hour ones are so much fun because the entire team is crazy. <3

Let me introduce you to Courtney. Love her to bits. These are our "game faces."

Planking on the bus.

Me & Courtney at a meet

Me & Courtney at a meet. This has to be my fave swim photo.

-Avec l'amour de Layla

Spring Lips! Ft. Tarte Lipsurgence lip tint

I have been dying for a new go to look for spring. I wanted it to be simple, fresh faced, and have a pop of color. I was going to go shopping for something pretty, shiny, and new when I got my March birchbox. This month, Birchbox worked with Teen Vogue and sent out special boxes. I was so happy with this month's box! My favorite thing in it was, you guessed it, the Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint. It was a full sized product in a perfect bright pink color called Amused. Love! It's moisturizing, bright, stays for a reasonable amount of time (6 hours or so), and has a ever so slight mint flavor and scent. I love it so much, I've placed an order for more lip tints and I'm going into Sephora asap to swatch the lip lusters and the matte lip pencils. Pictures below. (:

Photo courtesy of Karla Sugar

Lip Tint in Amused on lips after approx. 2 hours of wear (note: I mattified it with powder and it was applied VERY lightly.)
-Avec l'amour de Layla